The Writ

I am what writes here. What is written is sometimes lucid, sometimes fuscous. It all depends upon what or who reads, how, when, where. And to no lesser a degree to the grammas, the graphemes, themselves. To be sure. Tracing the viral itineraries of graphematics, then. And it all ends in nitropy. This is why science bifurcates. Into things we intend to write we like, and into things unintended, things written off, too easily to be sure, as side-effects. No less than was philosophy’s need to be solicitated, is science’s need.

->  Cette opération s’appelle (en latin) soucier ou solliciter. Autrement dit ébranler d’un ébranlement qui a rapport au tout (de sollus, en latin archaïque : le tout, et de citare : pousser).

One day some of the writings and rantings here will constitute a PhD dissertation. And so is shared the whole chaotic process of having that dissertation written.

Feel free to write to me, at: Sincerely Yours,

Viro de Graphe-Matics

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