From Future To Us

The pure futurity offered in Derridaean temporization and spacing makes any instructive or pedagogical choosing wherefrom to quote an impossible destinerrance between ontological chance or necessity, authorial indifference, and deliberate and delicate necessity. All his writings write on the acute structural inescapability of precisely having to make decisions on such structural destinerrance, politically acute for all times and spaces, relative all khōras: that strange share of iter/itar as signifying both iterability-and-other. We could have ourselves picked picking by chance or by necessity or by a play between the two, or, have ourselves indiscriminately pick from everywhere, or, try being wise about it. Nonetheless, such predicament here never bespeaks indifference; more critical, affirmative sense: a renewed criticity. These are, then, the quotes, to have us begin, from future to us.